mission statement

The Rhode Island Middle Level Educators (RIMLE) is dedicated to providing advocacy and professional development in support of a high quality education for early adolescents.   

What is RIMLE?
The Rhode Island Middle Level Educators is an organization that promotes the uniqueness of the Middle Level and provides Professional Development to educators across the state. We advocate for the Middle Level child and educators who teach this unique group of children.

Who is RIMLE?
RIMLE is made up of teachers, principals, teacher leaders, assistant principals, and all other educators who believe in the Middle Level and its purpose to serve children with best Middle Level practices.

Who is the backbone to RIMLE?
Our Board of Directors is made up of Middle Level teachers, teacher leaders and principals, college professors and students, and liaisons to regional and national Middle Level organizations like RIMLE.

Why does RIMLE exist?
To ensure that our Middle Level students are receiving the best possible education through best practices unique only to them and to ensure everyone knows the Middle Level is a special time in the education of young adolescents.

How? What do we offer?
We offer an advocacy voice for Middle Level students and educators, we offer Professional Development for educators to be trained in best practices that will support their work in educating students, and we offer resources. We do this by holding Network Meetings, Roundtables, Workshops, our Annual Conference, and more.

How can you be a part of RIMLE?
Join in the effort to promote the Middle Level and to be a life-long learner so many of us have pledged to be. Become a member and attend Professional Development on scheduling, advisory, teaming, differentiated instruction, co-teaching, Educator Evaluation, Common Core, and more.